V2K, Microwave Torture, MindControl, and Slinkies!

A Slinky. A Slinky.

It’s Slinky; it’s Slinky.

For fun it’s a wonderful toy.

What walks down stairs, alone or in pairs

And makes a slinkety sound?

A spring, a spring, a marvelous thing!

Everyone knows it’s Slinky.

It’s Slinky; it’s Slinky.

For fun it’s a wonderful toy.

It’s fun for a girl and a boy.

For most non-fictional “ T.I.’s” , there is no room for talk of Slinky toys, drone what-not, microwave torture, mind control propaganda, or Havana-this & that. Wait, unless it’s in reference to The Urge Overkill song , “ Sister Havana “ . In that extremely unlikely instance, speak on! Love that song!Fun Fact : And I’ll try to keep it short. So…I saw Urge Overkill during The Pulp Fiction rage on my Birthday, February 6th , which Bob Marley , Ronald Reagan, and myself share . Anyway, Nash Kato was not only the lead singer, but additionally a groupie. A groupie of wide-eyed Co-Ed’s apparently. He was definitely looking to cash in his newly famed coupons with any cute girl clad with stacked Steve Madden Mary Janes and a black baby backpack. He magnetized towards me, asked my name. I said, “ I’m miss Gangstalked of America” and it’s my Birthday! We small talked a few secs, then the “Sister Havana” singer followed the conversation by asking “where he could score some coke around these parts?” The silent scroll of my mind replied “ In your sweat glands I bet”. So long story ( not so long) but shortened , the reprise for his hit , “ Sister Havana” began to reverberate and then he grabbed his mic and loudly declared that he was dedicating this song to his special birthday girl and then said “ my name before falling victim to a bizarre RICO crime” . Pretty cool, huh? What a forgotten gem performed by a too easily forgotten band!

That said, I was probably a little suspect of my microwave after first stumbling upon all the perpetrator propaganda that saturates the webways in a cruel effort to victimize the already victimized targets of “gangstalking”. I honestly feel it’s not the “ Black-Bagging” burglaries that are the most wicked element of a “ gangstalking “contract. Not even the “ surveillance role players” thespian endeavors when they do their “ pretend friend” or “ trust fall” crimes. I think it’s the disinformation campaign that truly propels these reprobates to the summit of the “ bad guy mountain “ , for lack of more logical analogies. It’s when you’ve “shhhh..ushed ” a loved one at the dinner table to blurt out , “ did you all hear that”? In your gangstalked green phase, as you diligently and seriously try listening for your imaginary V2K voice. Heck, I’ll admit it, I started to think I was a “ E.I.” Instead of a “T.I.”. At times I wondered if I was an “ Excluded Individual “ of gangstalking rather than a “ Targeting Individual because I wasn’t experiencing all the crazy implications I read about in the “gangstalking” blogs.

I waited on the flying monkeys, choreographed “You’ve Got Talent” flash dances, and narcissistic spiritual reverse osmosis mind control….but they never happened . I was never trafficked as a human, a T.I. or an E.I. for that matter. I never heard the buzzing sounds of even the smallest rape drone hovering above my house. And I never got one V2K message, damn it all! And believe me, I turned my Bluetooth Speakers down on more than one occasion to double check.

By the time I heard about the MKULTRA psychoactive drug experimentation phase and the possibility of the weekend “torture “ retreats that may follow. I was kinda pissed. I didn’t want to be excluded from this particular phase of “COVERT PROTOCOLS “. When was my Handler going to schedule my LSD weekend retreat of “forced torture trips“? Was she slacking on the job, I wondered? Should I call her to remind her? Then I came to the conclusion that my ex boyfriend, Diaper Boy, who contracted and paid for this organized crime the internet mocks as “ gangstalking “must have only been able to afford the economical protocol package. Yeah, that’s it. I have the price saver gangstalking package because I clearly wasn’t getting the works! Haha.

I almost fell prey to the telepathic mind control of a narcissistic satanist of spiritual warfare . You know, the super V2K chatty types from one of the run of the mill Masonic Illuminati syndicates??? Anyway, that’s right before I happened upon The Bikers of America blog, THANK GAWD! These biker boys practically saved my life! I wouldn’t have lived for more than a few months having to hear the tangent chattering from a satanic narcissist’s V2K. So here goes… THE INFORMATIVE & FACTUAL SITE:


And then shortly after that , I came upon my flavorful favorite REAL T.I. sounding board:


Bless The Biker Bloggers, The Ghost Researcher, and any other kind soul- exuding individuals who spend their energies and mind listening to the sounds of their own fingers clicking out the truth. The retributionists that have pressed the mute button on their proverbial V2K transmissions. No more we will listen to the chattering of even the most telepathic Bavarian Alien! We shall use our own protocols for a different mind control called THE TRUTH! Remember the truth? You would have thought that THE TRUTH was a myth with the way these criminals so arrogantly violate federal Cyber Crimes Acts. Especially with their unfounded confidence in the participation of RICO crime.

TRUTH IS THE REAL COVERT PROTOCOL in this game. Please join the efforts to educate and rehabilitate victims of this crime so they don’t go taking apart their microwaves and straining to hear cerebral voice submissions. Please start taking names, documenting, and prosecuting the shills and their misinformation blogs.

GOOD, grace, and the f’ing TRUTH will always prevail. I want “ gangstalking “ google search results to be pages upon pages filled with real advocacy blogs providing promotional truth and fixable solutions.

Now to my premise…a slinky. A slinky. It’s a wonderful toy. None of this has anything to do with a slinky other than my random thought that V2K is like a Slinky. “For fun, V2K could be a wonderful toy for a girl or a boy “.

“It’s V2K ! It’s V2K! And it makes a Slinky Sound”!

Sorry boys and girls, it might have made a fun toy but it isn’t real , so you’ll have to stick to playing with slinkies.

2 responses to “V2K, Microwave Torture, MindControl, and Slinkies!”

  1. Lol. This is good:

    The silent scroll of my mind replied “ In your sweat glands

    Yeah, a lot of it is fundie cowards trying to infiltrate, and as you noted, the bikers are major targets.

    At ROGS I documented a link to the Hells Angels, Mongols, Firsteros, 18s, Cincos, etc. They used that as a de facto reason to put me on a gang list, and worse. But there were many more connections they were after, all of it orchestrated by local and feds.

    I know people from around the world, and when the CIA/ Soros/ etcstirs conflict somewhere, my blogs get hit up by seekers of info.

    Don’t forget the founding story of Freemasonry, they murdered Hiram Abiff once they were able to steal his secrets, and cover up their crime.

    Their goal is to use targets as unpaid HUMINT, as birddogs to lead them to bigger prey.


    1. Yes!! I just had to add to “ MY prism” pyramid acquisition . The newest surveillance role players have been relocated from out of town and provided per diems & accommodations. They are paying ex army dudes to move to Lexington to become “ state actors” as RICHARD MOORE likes to say.

      This one SR-PLAYA’ was trailing me after I left the district court house a few weeks ago -I’m getting all the paperwork together for my MASSIVE CIVIL SUITS, CRIMINAL CHARGES & IPO’s I’ll soon have in order to file. Only 107 major participants in my case. (38 of which are corrupt fraternals)

      So Mr. SRplaya settled into one of my old waterholes directly across from the courthouse -predicting upon my arrival. Good prediction being that it was happy hour.

      Anyway, I GOT TO SEE HOW IT WORKS. ALL OF IT! This joiner just moved Littleton , CO. ( where Lockheed Martin is) worked for SYNERGETICS( they are worth looking up btw) .

      Want the details? I truly got to hear the handler. The script for another TI. Everything!

      Anyway, on another note…my other GANGSTALKERS just so happen to be my parents Neighbor’s who freaking moved next to them 3 years ago for the program and the targeting of me and now my family. Dalton Renaud is the 28 year olds name. He-his brother-and his mother are all in the gangstalking field. His father is ex army -the jury is still out on his involvement. If he’s involved-he’s been baking “ goodies” for my parents for 2 years. “ HE JUST LIKES TO BAKE” but works in a factory. Bullshit. So, we have to VERIFY his involvement because we can then only guess what kind of antifreeze whipped topping he’s been spreading on top of these cakes.
      Anyway, busted them finally. I knew I was looking for a DALTON . For about a year I have been because this low IQ’r named his Mac “ daltons MacBook Air” and it amounts his 4 other surveillance devices would pair on my Bluetooth . This gamer geek has 5 Wi-Fi networks and has cloned my parents Wi-Fi 6 times.

      Additional information-1 of my new SRP is in the IBT , which is not heard of. It’s the international brotherhood of teamsters. Jesus ! They fit the bill to a tee! They have what’s called “ the devils pact”. They apparently are the original mob union. So turns out one of my CI’s is also a teamster.

      In conclusion, most of my new gangstalkers are ex Air Force & ex army. BACK TO YOUR POINT about HUMIT!!! THEY ARE GETTING FREAKING COLLEGE AND/OR TRAINING CREDITS for GANGSTALKING. Some of my new gangstalkers are getting HUMIT CERTIFICATIONS which their course managers or teachers ( whatever you call a gangstalking professor) ask them to do their field training locally with real targets .

      Lastly, I just busted another main player who just so happens to be in charge of cyber security for louis metro. He’s a head bird at the old crow association and ex army . He left his power point presentation open on my parents aol gold account. WHOOPS!


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